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Ring of Hope

Storytelling in Hope

Newsletter November 2009

WELCOME to Storytelling in Hope.  Due to funding difficulties we may not be able to give a complete season of monthly events, but have already lined up three excellent stories and tellers.  Please come and support our evenings as without a grant this year, funding is limiting our possibilities and forward planning has to be short term.


Sunday 22nd November 7.30 p.m.

Xanthe Gresham


We welcome back the incomparable Xanthe for an evening of stories which she describes as "Storytelling that's sharp as a lemon and sweet as a nut.  Accept it or not, we're all hooked on our baggage system, whether its a clutch bag or a holdall, but forget what's in yours and come and rummage around in Xanthe's bottomless bag.  Between the kitchen sink and the old tube ticket lies a pick and mix of marvels, fibs and fables.  See what you can pull from this lucky dip !"



The Old Bakehouse, The Old Bakehouse, Blackheath Village, London SE3; at the rear of Age Exchange Reminiscence Centre, Entrance opposite Blackheath station, 1st left in Bennett Park.   Tickets £6 full price/£4 concessions. 


The Old Bakehouse Theatre is a relaxed, café style setting, providing  an intimate space for storytelling.  There are teas, coffee, cakes and soft drinks for sale.  The theatre is not licensed, but you can bring your own booze. 



Sunday 6th December

Tony Aylwin, founder and for a long time the guiding light of Storytelling in Hope will be bringing his unique style with an evening entitled "Weird & Wise - Tales from Ancient Lands".



Sunday 10th January 2010

Our next group performance will be Parzifal, led by Samantha Lister.  Composed in the early thirteenth century, Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival is the re-creation and completion of the story left unfinished by its initiator Chrétien de Troyes.  It follows Parzival from his boyhood and career as a knight in the court of King Arthur to his ultimate achievement as King of the Temple of the Grail, which Wolfram describes as a life-giving Stone.  As a knight serving the German nobility in the imperial Hohenstauffen period, the author was uniquely placed to describe the zest and colour of his hero's world, with dazzling depictions of courtly luxury, jousting and adventure.   Yet this is not simply a tale of chivalry, but an epic quest for spiritual education, as Parzival must conquer his ignorance and pride and learn humility before he can finally win the Holy Grail.



Ring of Hope

Our weekly storytelling circle for anyone who wants to tell a story, learn to tell a story or just listen.  If you would like to join us, we meet on Tuesdays 8.00 - 10.00pm at St Mary's Community Centre, 180 Eltham High Street, Eltham, SE8. £2.00.